Welcome to Our Neighorhoods


Welcome to Our Neighborhoods, a new weblog from Salt Lake City’s Department of Community and Neighborhoods. 

You may not know CAN — as we call it — very well by its name, but we know you. 

You are the families, neighbors and businesses that make our city tick — and make it a great place to call home.  

You are the people we go to work for every day. 

You probably know us best through our seven divisions: Building Services, Community Engagement, Engineering, Housing and Neighborhood Development, Planning, Real Estate Services and Transportation. 

Each provides vital community services and is staffed with dedicated, hard-working people who care deeply about Salt Lake City. They are the best of the best in their fields and this year have used their creativity and expertise to pivot in response to an earthquake and the global pandemic so that the public’s needs continue to be met.

Whether it’s adding a crosswalk or bike lane to improve safety, funding an affordable housing project to help seniors stay in the community or making tough planning and zoning decisions that preserve the character of our neighborhood and prepare for our future, you can be sure the CAN team will give it their best. 

Our Neighborhoods is a celebration of the good work done by each of CAN’s divisions. It aims to share the stories of the how and why behind community projects and programs and the people whose ingenuity and vision make them happen. 

So welcome to Our Neighborhoods.  We hope you’ll enjoy what you find here and come back for more each month!

Best –

Blake Thomas — Director, Salt Lake City Department of Community and Neighborhoods